About Carol Ann

Hello! I’m Carol Ann!!

At the age of 40 I heard this ticking. What could it be??? It was my biological clock! It ran for only about 2 days before I finally decided to have a child on my own!!! I was fortunate enough to get pregnant on the first try!

Now, I am a full time mom to an 8 year old, I’m planning a wedding and I am working at Valley Parent and Columbus and the Valley Magazine as an Advertising Executive. I love my life!!

In December 2006, after trying desperately to find other mamas in the area to socialize with and to have my daughter meet, I started the Parenting in Columbus Playgroup!

If you are pregnant or a mother or even a caretaker of a child, be sure to join the PICP so that you can get out and socialize!! We do lots of fun stuff in and around the area!!!

I hope you enjoy reading all about my chaotic (yet semi-organized) life!!

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