My Body is Aching Already!!!


This is how I feel today!!! Why??? OMG, so much is happening!!!! Tonite at 6:00 I’m meeting up with other people who, like me, are out of shape and ready to make a difference in their lives!!! I’m beginning the Couch to 5K Program!!!

It’s free. It’s fun. It’s going to be THE change I need in my life to really be able to keep up with my 6 year old. No matter what age you are (though I am pushing it at 47) you need to be in shape to keep up with a child!!!

What else you ask? Well, as you know I’m moving!!! This is a HUGE step in the right direction!!! I’m finally going to have the stability of my own space. It’s been so long. And, since I’ve decided NOT to live in my condo in Atlanta, then, this is the best thing for us!!!!

My mother doesn’t seem too happy about it, though. I don’t think it’s because she wanted us to stay as much as she wanted us to move on her terms. Her idea was to wait until Summer when Morgan was out of school.

My thinking is that the distraction of school will make it easier for us to make the transition into a new home, new routine. Morgan has to have a predictable routine. This will make it easier for her to learn how to become more independent.

So, we will start out by teaching her to sleep in her own bed. Keep her room clean (she’s already pretty good about this) and studying, bathing and sleeping on time.

It will be a challenge, but one which is far easier to achieve if it is under controlled surroundings.

No longer will she have her Halmuni (Grandmother) chasing her around with a spoon or fork full of food trying to feed her. She’ll learn how to sit and eat like a 6 year old!!

No longer will she have her Halmuni giving her EVERYTHING she wants ALL day long. Now, she’ll get it only when she spends time with her. Now, her Halmuni can sleep in, visit friends, travel and enjoy her life; seeing Morgan on HER terms.

I’m very excited. Today is the first day of a new life for me, my mother, my daughter and of course, David. Hopefully he will not regret the decision to ask us to move in together. LOL!!!

Oh, then there are the dogs. I’ll save that for another day!!! Have a Super Tuesday!!!!

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Hello! I'm Carol Ann!! I'm the mother of an 8 year old daughter, Morgan. At the age of 40 I heard this ticking. What could it be??? It was my biological clock! It ran for only about 2 days before I finally decided to have a child on my own!!! I was fortunate enough to get pregnant on the first try! Now, I am a full time mom to an 8 year old. I'm planning a wedding and I am working at Valley Parent and Columbus and the Valley Magazine as an Advertising Executive.  I love my life!! I started the Parenting in Columbus Playgroup in December 2006. If you are pregnant or a mother or even a caretaker of a child, be sure to join the PICP so that you can get out and socialize!!  We do lots of fun stuff in and around the area!!! I hope you enjoy reading all about my chaotic (yet semi-organized) life!!
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