We Survived Summer

We survived Summer!!! Monday I dropped my 4th grader off for the first day of school and I could hear the Angels singing. I am so happy that she is back in school. This year, she finally said the words we all wait to hear, “I love school”! I couldn’t believe it!

First Day of School

There has been quite a bit of progress. Morgan is now going to bed after a few minutes of hugging and praying together. She is sleeping through the nite and not coming in to bother me unless she has a nightmare. I know this sounds like something a 3 year old should be able to do. But, she wasn’t raised that way! Thankfully I am learning to let go. I swear the poor girl wouldn’t even be brushing her own teeth or wiping her butt if I was left to my way of thinking.

To be a great parent we have to learn to let go and allow our children to DO. It’s been the hardest lesson for me to learn AND one I’ll probably have a lifelong battle with!

Morgan's First Big Girl Guitar from Gorilla Guitars!

Morgan’s First Big Girl Guitar from Gorilla Guitars!

I went by Gorilla Guitars the other day to buy Morgan her first grown up guitar. They were extremely helpful! Dan helped her to pick just the right guitar and treated her as if she was already capable of taking care of it.

When we arrived home, I was trying desperately to get her to be careful with the guitar. See, a good mom would have said, Morgan you do not need to use the fancy automated tuner to tune your guitar because Dan already did it for you. So, why not leave it alone and just play for fun to get used to the way it feels.

A bad mother says, go ahead, Morgan, take the tuner and stay out of my room because she if fed up with arguing with her 8 year old who for some strange reason thinks her mother is not intelligent enough to know much about guitars.

After two minutes I hear, “peeeyoooooouuuunnnnnggg”! I was just hoping it wouldn’t be followed up with screaming. The first image in my mind was an eye being plucked out of her head by the broken string.

I walked in to find her sitting there stunned! So Morgan, I say, I take it you tightened the string too much and it broke. “Yes”. So, I go on, what is the lesson you have learned from this? “To listen to you when you tell me that I don’t need to do it until someone can show me how to do it properly”.

Right! I am happy she admitted it. Then, sadly she mumbled, “I always mess things up”. Cue the sad music. My heart just broke. I didn’t want to kill her spirit. I just wanted to teach her right from wrong.

Morgan's First Big Girl Guitar from Gorilla Guitars!

Dan showing Morgan how to restring and use the tuner!

We went back to Gorilla Guitars. Dan showed Morgan how to replace a string and how to use the tuner. She felt like a big girl. I was happy to watch her learning this valuable lesson.

I told her that the guitar will be like her best friend if she learns to take good care of her and play her well. When she is lonely, sad, happy or glad, she would be able to play her guitar and feel the comfort of the music.

Morgan really enjoys singing. I thought this was the perfect instrument for her to play. She can carry it with her. Sit and bed and play. Write songs. It sounds so soothing to me.

Our Marriage Date!

Our Marriage Date!

Okay, enough about Morgan. Let’s talk about my plans for the wedding!! You may know, our formal ceremony is planned for 12/22/12 at 6:00 Upstairs at The Loft with the reception to follow in the green room.

However, I thought it would be much, much, much more memorable if we had the signing of the wedding papers on 12/12/12 at 12:12:12 and hopefully on the corner of 12th, 12th and 12th!!

There is no 1200 12th Street or 1212 12th Street here in Columbus, but there is a spot in Phenix City which may work!! Of course one side of the road has a trailer on it. The other has a Church and the other is woods. LOL!

Wouldn’t it be great if Ellen DeGeneres would allow us to come on her 12 Days of Holidays on 12/12/12 to have our wedding!!

Who knows. I did send her a message asking for the chance. Too bad the Dee Armstrong Show isn’t at noon. We would love to get hitched on her show at 12:12:12! So many possibilities.

Please let me know your thoughts. I really want to make it special. I wonder if there are 11 other couples who would like to get married at the same time??? Wouldn’t that be hysterical!!!

Columbus and the Valley Magazine

Columbus and the Valley Magazine

Did you hear the great news about Columbus and the Valley Magazine and Valley Parent magazine? We’ve gone digital!!!

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Valley Parent Magazine

Valley Parent Magazine

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Both magazines are online for your viewing pleasure!

Be back shortly. I want to share with you the conversation and life lessons I learned about how to deal with an overbearing mom. (I had to learn it from someone!)

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  1. Robin Hill says:

    Sounds like things are going so well for you!! I could not be happier! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!! I wish you both nothing but happiness!!

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