Times…they are a changing!

Guess who is getting married? That’s right…me! David and I are going to become husband and wife on December 22, 2012. Well, we will get married as long as the Mayans’ predictions were incorrect.

If the World ends on December 21st (my birthday), we will have spent all this time planning for nothing!

LOL! I am so happy! Who knew at nearly 50 I would have a wonderful 8 year old and an amazing man who loves me like noone else has loved me before?

Life really has a way of changing. I have to admit, my life has been very good. I’ve been fortunate. I don’t know if it is because of HOW I look at the changes or if I’m just REALLY that lucky!

Either way, I’m happy. We have decided to have all of the kids in the wedding. Dayid’s eldest son is a pastor. He will be performing the wedding with Garry, David’s youngest son as his Best Man.

Lisi, David’s daughter is the Bridesmaid, Morgan is my Maid of Honor and thankfully, Michelle Johannes is my Matron of Honor.

I told my father he didn’t have to walk me down the aisle. I just feel weird about it. At my age it seems so silly. So, David and I will walk together.

Because we are on a tight budget, we’ve decided to have only about 50 friends and family at the wedding and reception.

The wedding will take place on the third floor above The Loft with the reception in the second floor green room.

I can’t believe how quickly I found the dresses. With Michelle at my side, we were able to find these two wonderful dresses at Formal Elegance.

Dresses from Formal Elegance. Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor and Brides Maid dress on left. Mine is the one on the right!

Instead of traditional flowers, I have decided to create a brooch bouquet out of brooches given to me by friends and family. Fortunately Morgan’s Godmother, Brenda Willett, will be making it for me!

I’ve already collected a few beautiful pieces. Here are a few images of what it may look like:

I’m so very excited to be planning this together with my honey, David.

More shortly…I hear the dogs barking….

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Hello! I'm Carol Ann!! I'm the mother of an 8 year old daughter, Morgan. At the age of 40 I heard this ticking. What could it be??? It was my biological clock! It ran for only about 2 days before I finally decided to have a child on my own!!! I was fortunate enough to get pregnant on the first try! Now, I am a full time mom to an 8 year old. I'm planning a wedding and I am working at Valley Parent and Columbus and the Valley Magazine as an Advertising Executive.  I love my life!! I started the Parenting in Columbus Playgroup in December 2006. If you are pregnant or a mother or even a caretaker of a child, be sure to join the PICP so that you can get out and socialize!!  We do lots of fun stuff in and around the area!!! I hope you enjoy reading all about my chaotic (yet semi-organized) life!!
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